My Mining Bitcoin Hardware 2021

Mining Bitcoin Hardware cost

If you do not have access to cheap electricity, you should think of photovoltaic electricity generation. A major cost factor in Bitcoin mining hardware is electricity. During the day, I can cover almost 80% of my miner electricity costs with photovoltaic. However, I only run 3 Bitcoin miners at the moment.

It’s actually just a leisure activity, but it’s fun.

Mining Bitcoin Hardware CPU, GPU and SHA-256

Bitmain Antminer S9i, Bitcoin Miner , Mining Machine , 13,5 Th/s

The Bitmain Antminer S9i has been running almost without interruption for 2 years and is a reliable SHA-256 miner. Since these types of miners are very noisy, you need a location where the noise does not disturb anyone. The Antminer is in my cellar. To reduce the noise, I built the S9i in a styrofoam box. The fans for the intake air and the exhaust air have a noise-reducing hose. The Bitmain receives the Internet via WLAN. To control the electricity costs, I also built in an electricity meter (WLAN). This is how I see exactly the power consumption. The average consumption is 1,150W. For the power supply during the day I use 3 photovoltaic panels with 360W each. I used slush pool as a mining pool.

The price for the photovoltaic system is approximately $ 900.
I can get free electricity from the system for at least 12 years.
I spent $ 650 on the miner two years ago.
The miner manages to create around $ 600 in Bitcoins per year. Depending on the Bitcoin course, it was even $ 2,500 at times.

Here you can calculate what your bitcoin mining hardware can produce: Hardware Bitcoin mining calculator

No matter what the Bitcoint price is, in the last 8 years it has only gone up for my investment.

If the price of electricity does not rise exorbitantly, I will let Bitmain run until it breaks.