Experience with Go4Crypto

Crypto investment platform

Go4Crypto Investments is an investment platform on which investors deposit money and in return a daily profit of 0.2% (only on working days).

A professional cryptocurrency trader makes 10% -15% profit per month on average. Go4Crypto offers 0.2% profit per weekday, i.e. about 4% per month. So there is enough profit left for Go4Crypto to work seriously.

Who is Go4Crypto?

Go4Crypto is a company based in Malaysia. It’s a team of entrepreneurs, seasoned investors and professional stock brokers who have come together for a win-win program. Regardless of whether you are new to the investment business or have already had experience with it. Go4Cyrpto invests for you and takes care of the return. You don’t have to constantly worry about the rates of the individual crypto currencies.

Philipp Suhner

Co-Founder Go4Crypto

Philipp Suhner has long-term experience in the fields of IT and Blockchain. In this webinar, you will learn how it is possible as a beginner or as an expert in Bitcoin Investments to achieve safe long term coin multiplication.

My experience with Go4Crypto

I’ve been with Go4Crypto for over a year now and have earned more than $ 438 from just two investment packages of $ 50 each. At the beginning I was skeptical and had all my income paid out until I got my investment back. Then I used the reinvest function. All profits are reinvested and my number of investment packages is growing month by month.
Every now and then I deactivate the reinvest function and have the winnings paid out to me, but most of the time I reinvest. I got my initial investment out of it a long time ago.

If you want, you can dissolve the accumulated investment packages and you will get the original package price ($ 50) back. That is unique in the industry.

So far I can only report positive things about Go4Crypto.
Just try a small investment package. The only restriction is that Go4Crypto only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment. You need a wallet with Bitcoin or Ethereum somewhere.

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