Easy ways to find mining partners

How to find mining partners?

In the blog category Internet advertising, I present various methods of how you can find new partners for your mining network on the Internet.

I want to be honest, if you don’t already know a lot of people to whom you can introduce CryptoTab Browser Mining, you either need a lot of time in social media or money for advertising on Google and other platforms.

Advertising material for mining partner advertising

The affiliate area of CryptoTab Mining Browser provides a wide range of different advertising formats. The advertising material is available in different languages or is equipped with automatic language recognition. the language recognition registers which language is set in the visitor’s browser and delivers the advertisement in the corresponding language.

In addition to banners and images for your advertising, you will find various text suggestions for social media posts and e-mails in the affiliate area of CryotoTab Browser.

Help to find mining partners

If you need help with individual advertising ideas, just contact me. I’ve been in the online advertising business for a long time and can tell you what works and what doesn’t.

In the blog area internet advertising i regularly publish experiences with different providers of internet advertising