Crypto Currency Mining Pool Recommendation

Pool mining promises more success

If you want to produce cryptocurrencies with your own hardware, you can either mine alone in the blog chain of the cryptocurrency you have chosen (solo mining) or join a mining pool (what are mining pools?).

There are countless mining pools with the most varied of skills and different commissions that the pool operators charge for providing the pool.

You can find an overview of the best-known and largest mining pools under this link: Comparison of Mining Pools

Mining directly in the blockchain requires enormous computing power or simply luck to receive the rewards.
With the normal dimensions in the private sector, I definitely recommend the use of a mining pool.

Recommendation for a cryptocurrency mining pool

I would like to introduce you to a crypto currency pool that has different capabilities and is not just a mining pool:
NICEHASH Ltd, Intershore Chambers Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands.

We have been mining with our hardware at NICEHASH for 4 years and have always received our mining credits quickly.
Only in 2021 were all payments temporarily deactivated because the platform was attacked by hackers. However, this has already happened to many other pools.

Easy hardware connection with many useful functions

If you own cryptocurrency mining hardware of any kind, NICEHASH is the ideal way to quickly and easily connect your hardware to a pool.

The only disadvantage of NICEHASH is that you always get Bitcoin paid out, no matter what mining hardware you are working with. For me, that’s not really a disadvantage.

NICEHASH offer the following skills:

  • Connection of CPU and GPU
  • Connection of ASICs miners
  • A total of 31 possible algorithms
  • Wallet function
  • Exchange trading function
  • Hash power marketplace
  • Private endpoint solution

If you want to try out NICEHASH, register for free using the following link: 

NICEHASH registration